• People Matter. Invest in good deeds!

    The first charitable NFT foundation based on blockchain


    Modern technologies penetrate into all areas of our activity, this also applies to charity. Progress does not stand still, and for the greatest efficiency new ways of raising funds are required that will be directed to people in need of help. The blockchain-based foundation is a new stage of charity, all the benefits of which you can appreciate by taking part in our project.

  • Prehistory

    The idea to create the first NFT charitable foundation came about when we realized how difficult it is to make donations with cryptocurrency. Since cryptocurrency is our specialization, and we did not find specialized funds, it was decided to create our own charity fund for cryptocurrency. We live in a very difficult time, but Christmas is a time of kindness. On holidays, everyone needs support, understanding, tolerance, and love. We are different - this is our uniqueness and strength. Stoned Santas of the flagship NFT project of our foundation are not like ordinary Santa Clauses, which is why they were entrusted with a very responsible task - to try to help all people in need of support and care.


    Everyone should get their present for Christmas - that's why we opened the first charitable foundation NFT Crypto Secret Santa. 10% of proceeds from the sale of each Stoned Santa will be sent to charity.


  • Welcome to the site of the first Christmas NFT project «Stoned Santa»! Now everyone can get their cool Stoned Santa for Christmas in their original gift box. On a magical Christmas midnight, all gift wrappers will open and you can see which Santa is yours.


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  • Housewife is a catastrophically underestimated profession. Having sent this message to the world, we, not being naive idiots, are well aware of the reaction it will cause in most working men: "Since when has sitting at home become a profession"? Discussing without facts is a waste of time and energy, so let's try to collect evidence that a housewife is not just a job, but one of the most important professions in the world.

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  • Collection built on Ethereum and Polygon. These are the Lost Socks that live in the Lost Town. In this town, socks live like ordinary residents, but often there are all sorts of adventures. The socks enter this multiverse through the washing machine.


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  • Goals and objectives

    The main idea is to make the method of sending a request for help as accessible as possible. You only need to describe the problem and provide materials


    Targeted and comprehensive assistance to those in need, be it an individual or an organization

    After considering the application, our fund either allocates the necessary funds in cryptocurrency, or pays for the necessary goods and services, if their payment is real in cryptocurrency. We consider all applications and any assistance options from our Crypto Secret Santa Fund.


    Development of the charitable crypto market by attracting other NFT projects to the program

    We plan to attract additional investments from other NFT projects, establish contacts with charitable organizations and are open to all individuals who wish to provide assistance or need assistance.


    Advertising integrations with bloggers and our crypto enthusiast partners

    The purpose of the advertising integrations is to support NFT projects that take part in our charitable foundation, both at the stage of launch and at the stage of operation. This is done in order to help the development of projects of our partners and active benefactors.


    If you would like to join our charitable project right now, as a partner or donor, you can contact the foundation here, or use the wallet number provided below for independent transactions and private donors. We are open to dialogue with individuals, investors and enthusiasts who want to provide support to people and organizations in need of help.

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    Our fund operates on a blockchain basis, which guarantees transparency and openness of all financial receipts. The balance of the charity account will be available on the website for anyone. In the future, we will publish reports on the assistance provided and other relevant information regarding the work of the fund.

    (We only consider specialized organizations with a reputable institution. Unfortunately, we do not have a staff and an office to review individual applications)


    Through the feedback form below, you can send us your request, application, tell us about the problem.We only consider specialized organizations with a reputable institution. Unfortunately, we do not have a staff and an office to review individual applications.

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